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Every Jewish community has a duty to institute a school to teach children and young people.


After a long closing due to COVID lockdown, our goal is to revitalize our Talmud Torah’s activities, proposing new events where kids can meet and be together in a Jewish environment that is fun and enriched by moments of Torah studies.


Together with the Talmud Torah organization and coordination group led by Rabbi Gadi Piperno, several projects are proposed.


  • In addition to the weekly lesson on Wednesday afternoon, that involves kids between the ages of 6 and 13 in which we provide canteen services, we wish to include other projects such as some Sunday lessons for all age groups.
  • Outings around the city, visits, field trips, picnics with families and more.
  • Bimonthly shabbatonim with the families, to give an opportunity to experience Jewish life together with family members with songs and mizmorims!
  • Parties for kids close to the Jewish holidays to enhance their knowledge and awareness of the Jewish calendar.
  • At the end of the school year in June, we would like to reintroduce the summer camp at the Community. 

After the school closes, we would like to give the opportunity to kids to enjoy the beginning of summer in the company of friends and Jewish study. In order to continue this project, we need: cafeteria services, available and well-trained educators to be able to provide the best possible experience for the kids, structured activities and planned outings.


The goal of our Talmud Torah is to coney to or kids the importance of a Jewish life, Torah, mitzvot, customs and traditions. To explain to the kids that living a Jewish life is completely compatible with modern life and the hope that every friendship, every value and every smile will be a source of comfort and serenity in their daily life.

We need funding for these projects which are very important for the future of our Jewish Community. Our main goal is to raise € 8.000 before the start of the 5784-school year (September 2023).


Help us fund these projects. Donate here!

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