The entrance to the service is free, but you can buy a seat for Rosh ha Shana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach and Shavuot.

How to reserve your place:
– First, make the payment on this page
– Then write to filippo.tedeschi@firenzebraica.it to request your reservation by sending a copy/proof of payment. Please indicate the names everyone in your party, as well as the number of men and women


Eve: 9th Tishrì, Tuesday 4th October 2022:  

Selichot & Shacrit: 5.45am

Minchà: 2.00pm

Lighting candles & fast beginning: 6.32pm

Kol Nidrè e ‘Arvit: 6.45pm.

10th Tishrì, Wednesday 5th October:  

Shachrit: 8.30am, Musaf: 12.45am

Minchà: 3.45pm

Ne‘ilà: 5.45pm,

Shofar: 7.19pm,

Fast ending & ‘Arvit: 7.32pm.



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