Hassidur Shelanu: our siddur, for everyone

ברוך שומע תפילת כל פה
Blessed is He who listens to tefillà everyday. 

We want to take a further step in the project of reprinting the siddurs of the Jewish Community of Florence.
Over time, the copies available of our siddurs to the Community and to the public, prepared under the supervision of Rabbi Avraham Umberto Sciunnach, and expanded by Rabbi Amedeo Spagnoletto on the occasion of Alessandro Elishà Da Fano’s bar mitzwah, are worn out and are insufficient in number.

The prayer books for the tefillah don’t remain on shelves but are frequently used and this is certainly a sign of our Community’s great vitality. We therefore have set ourselves a new goal of reprinting this siddur, which has guided us in our prayers for many years. Our invitation to all members is to participate in the fundraising campaign to reprint 500 volumes of our siddurs.
We need the support of each and every one of you to reach the amount of 7000€.


We therefore need the support from all of you to reach the amount of 7000€.
At the beginning of the volume, some pages will be provided to remember and honor loved ones.

    By making an offer of at least 600 euros in honor of a blessed event (such as births, bat/bar mitzwahs, weddings) you will have an entire dedicated page (with a derashà or dedications) and, once published, will receive 3 copies of the prayer book so that the whole family can follow the tefillah.
    By making an offer of at least 300 euros, you will receive 2 copies of the prayer book and half a page for a special dedication. A way to make the memory of a relative everlasting and to leave an enduring trace of our affection, through a symbolic gesture of authentic Jewish life.
    You can also make small donations

Thank you

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ברוך שומע תפילת כל פה

Blessed is He who listens to tefillà everyday.


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