A public Seder will be take place the first night in the Community Center, conducted by Rabbi Amedeo Spagnoletto, which is usually attended by dozens of tourists who spend Pesach in Florence.

Friday March 30, after the service in the Synagogue that start at 7,15 pm. Seder start time 8.30 pm
The cost of the dinner will be: Guests: €50,00 – students: €35

As the caterers will need to know how many will be there, we need definite commitments and PAYMENT IN ADVANCE. Please confirm your presence by March 24, 2018.
You can make a bank transfer to: Comunità Ebraica di Firenze – Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
IBAN: IT20E013002804000000240055 – SWIFT/BIC: PASCITM1F20
IMPORTANT: indicate “seder 2018” and number of participants when you make your payment

Payments may also be made via Paypal by sending the correct amount to our email address: info@firenzebraica.it

Please, also drop a confirmation note to info@firenzebraica.it with your names and method of payment so that we can get a count to the caterers.




While we ask each participant to share in the cost of the seder, the Jewish Community will never exclude anyone whose finances cannot sustain these fees.

If you are in that position, contribute what you can. You do not have to ask for special treatment, and your information will be kept confidential.

If your finances are such that you can contribute a bit more, we will gratefully accept that too. That will help us be able to treat each and every participant as an honored guest at our Seder in the lean years as well as the fat ones.



14 Nissan, Thursday night March 29th: Bedikat chamez (the search for Chametz will begin at 20:26 following the Berachah).

14 Nissan, Friday March 30th: The Fast of the Firstborn: begins at 5.32, Mincha 13.30, Limmud: 14.00. Fast ends at 20.08.

14 Nissan, Friday March 30th:: Mechirat chamez (The sale of Chametz for those in need): before 10.00. Last consumption of Chametz before 10.30.
Biur chametz (burning of chametz): before 12.00.
Evening before: Candle light and start of  Mo‘ed: 19.21, Mincha ,‘Arvit and Hallel: 19.15, 1st Seder at the Jewish Community at 20.30.

1st day of Passover: Shabbat March 31th: Shachrit: 8.30, Hallel: 9.45, Sefer: 10.00, Tikkun Hattal and Musaf: 11.00, reading of Shir Hashirim, Mincha, ‘Arvit and Hallel : 19.00 , 2° Seder at the Jewish Community 20.30. Candle light from already lit candle starting at 20.39.

 2nd day of Passover: Tuesday April 1st: Shachrit: 8.30, Hallel: 9.45, Sefer: 10.00, Musaf: 10.45, reading of Shir Hashirim and Mincha: 19.30, ‘Arvit : 20.30. Seder at the Jewish Community 20.30.

Chol ha-mo’ed

Day 1, 17 Nissan, Monday April 2nd: Shachrit at 7.30
Day 2, 18 Nissan, Tuesday April 3rd: Shachrit at 7.30
Day 3, 19 Nissan, Wednesday April 4th: Shachrit at 7.30
Day 4, 20 Nissan, Thursday April 5th: Shachrit at 7.30
Eve day 7: 20 Nissan, Thursday April 5th: candle light at 19.27. Mincha and ‘Arvit: 19.30.
Day 7, 21 Nissan, Friday April 6th: Shachrit: 8.30, Hallel: 9.45, Sefer: 10.00, Musaf: 11.00, reading of Shir Hashirim, Minchàa and ‘Arvit: 19.30. Candle light from already lit candle starting at 19.29.
Day 8, Saturday April 7th: Shachrit: 8.30, Hallel: 9.45, Sefer: 10.00, Musaf: 11.00, Mincha: 19.15, ‘Arvit: 20.20, Motzaè Shabbat 20.33


From the earliest of times, during the six Shabbats between Passover and Shavuot it is customary to read the six chapters of the Avon Mishna. This reading will take place during the Kiddush on Saturday morning before the Tefilla Mincha from the 26th of Nissan (April 22nd) to the 2nd of Sivan (May 27th).


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