Information regarding your marriage ceremony in Florence

Our Community is orthodox and so is our Rabbi and we follow the Sephardic minhag. There is no problem, however, about people of any minhag wishing to get married in our Community.

Weddings in the Synagogue are similar to weddings in other Shuls; both parents stand under the Huppah during the ceremony while men and women guests sit separated by the two sides of the Bimah. Dress-code is required as in any other Synagogue’s services. The Community is very happy to organize the celebration of your wedding and in order to do it properly they give you some information: Guests are permitted to attend the service according to the bride and bridegroom’s choice. The ceremony is performed in Hebrew, like the local use. Any change of the ceremony has to be concordate and approved by the Chief Rabbi. The Synagogue provides the Chuppah, a silver Kiddush cup and the glass to be broken at the end of the ceremony. The Synagogue provides a printed Ketubah. 

Normally it takes about 75 minutes from when you arrive until you can leave the synagogue.

The Jewish marriage contract (ketubah), is done according the local Florentine’s custom as established by the masters of the Jewish tradition centuries ago. It includes the Jewish names of the groom and the bride and their father as well as family names. Usually in Florence no specific amount is mentioned in the contract but a letter signed by the couple concerning their  marriage economic agreement is requested and must be deposited by the rabbi before the wedding takes place. Signing of the Ketubah is done according tradition right before the Huppah in a different space in the  Synagogue. Beside the Groom end the bride two observance witnesses. According the local custom the bride acn the ketubah together with her husband. Beautiful decorated Ketubah, following Italian Jewish artistic traditions, written on a parchment  can be ordered privately , the price of which will depend on the artistic complexity of style requested. Models of decorated Ketubot can be requested by the rabbi or at the agency.

The local Jewish community Mikve is at your disposal and the bride is welcomed to use it up till three days before the wedding. The mikve is going through accommodations at the moment and it is under strike control of the Rabbi. The bride can be directed and instructed by the Rabbi’s wife who will gently accompany her in the immersing rite according the Jewish custom. Family women members and friends are welcome to accompany the bride and celebrate with her before and after the immersion a joyous atmosphere. 

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: a letter from an Orthodox Rabbi stating that you and your fiancée are both Jewish and are not currently married (Theudat Ravakut and Yahadut); consequently stating that you are free of any obstacle to get married according the Jewish faith. If you want a civil wedding in addition to the Jewish one you must submit an official state document certifying the “nulla osta” to your marriage. Additional documentation may be required if necessary. 

Beside the rabbinic documents in original you have to bring the simple ring you bought with your own money for the bride. Rav usually recommend the bride to buy e new Taliith to the groom to be inaugurated at the beginning of the ceremony. You’ll need to learn by heart the phrases you are supposed to say during the ceremony declaring  your intention to consecrate your bride for you according the laws of Moses and Israel. You will need to sign a marital contract in which you’ll declare to take upon yourself all the legal and moral  obligations towards your wife as established by the laws and the customs of Israel. For this purpose I need to receive fro you assigned declaration concerning the economic agreement you agreed upon which is going to rule your couple/family goods and assets. 

DATE OF THE WEDDING: should be fixed in agreement with our Rabbi, also to avoid those periods of the year when, by Jewish Law, the ceremony cannot take place and any other possible impediment. In order to secure your desired date, after the confirmation of the Rav, PLEASE GIVE US THE NUMBER END EXP OF A CREDIT CARD. (MasterCard  or Visa). We will charge a deposit of 500,00 Euro. Upon arrival in Florence you will pay the remaining amount.

Witnesses, in any case must be shomerei mitzvoth

Mikvè: As to the mikvè, the bride-to-be can perform the mitzvah here or in her own Community; in this latter case, she should produce a certificate, dated not more than four days before the wedding-ceremony, attesting that the mitzvah was performed.

The marriage to take place, ten days should pass from the latest menstrual cycle.

The marriage celebrated in our Synagogue is religious. We are not authorized to celebrate civil marriages other  than with the authorization of the City Hall. The couple should then provide for that by themselves either in Florence or in their own country. 

It is customary to arrange a Kiddush for the wedding-guests in our Community Center, which is just in the Synagogue garden. The hall, there, can hold 150 people and as many the adjoining garden. It is possible to arrange for a Kosher Kiddush. Fees would vary depending on number of people invited and on the kind of food etc.  

Let us know where are you planning to do the reception for the guest, and if are you taking care it would be kosher.


For ACCOMMODATION in hotels, B&Bs, villas, apartments, PHOTOSERVICE, VIDEO SERVICE, HAIRDRESSER & MAKE UP, FLOWER DECORATION, MUSIC – for ceremony and reception, RECEPTION in villas, castles, historic mansions and luxurious hotels, CATERERS, BABYSITTERS, CHILDREN ENTERTAINMENTS, GUIDED TOURS, WINE TASTINGS; COOKING CLASSES, TRANSFERS by bus, van, sedan with driver, limo, old-timers, horse drawn carriages, ASSISTANCE AND COORDINATION of all the services required, we can put you in contact with a local professional wedding-planner who will help you arrange your unforgettable wedding day. 

Wedding reception and kosher meals must be arranged and the Rabbi will supply the necessary experience in organizing strictly kosher catering services including Fish, local kosher meat, and local kosher wine and alcoholic drinks.

It is important to have a complete JEWISH wedding , and therefore the Rav  require that the Party following the wedding should be Kosher under supervision. (in comparison to the expenses you going to  have for the wedding, the ask of a little quote for the supervision  is a very little thing and it gives you the feeling of a great complete beracha and fullfillimg the meaning of a jewish wedding you are dreaming. 

– DREAM CHEF CATERING – Via Atto Vannucci 7, 50134 FI – phone: 055.482777 – Mail: – Kosher on request, by prior arrangement with the Rabbi / Jewish Community.  In addition to Catering in its most “traditional” form, we have created a type of Catering that we call “Smart”, which has the characteristic of being much leaner and even more advantageous from an economic point of view. Smart Catering responds to all those food needs for private parties or anniversaries, for large and small groups of guests. Thanks to the use of top-range, eco-friendly, single-use materials, we are able to supply at a very low cost, impeccably presented dishes for the most varied occasions, delivering them on time and at the time agreed with the customer. This service can obviously be combined with the presence of qualified staff in the area, as well as our professional chefs.

– Le Bon Ton Catering da oltre 30 anni  è il punto di riferimento per la cucina kosher di qualità, tradizionale e internazionale. Giovanni e Daniele Terracina insieme a Dario Bascetta Greco e alla loro affiatata squadra di collaboratori, organizzano in tutta Italia catering e banqueting per ogni occasione pubblica e privata. La selezione di materie prime di altissima qualità abbinata all’originalità delle preparazioni, il desiderio di ricevere gli ospiti in un’atmosfera calda e ospitale, la cura dei dettagli sono le caratteristiche che ne garantiscono affidabilità e professionalità.

– Villa Medicea di Lilliano e Meoli  
Welcome to Villa Medicea di LillianoFor the most wonderful day of your life, you deserve the finest venue available. Villa Medicea di Lilliano is now established as one of the top 10 destination wedding venues in Italy, unsurpassed for its combination of beautiful setting and outstanding service.

-Villa Viviani – Nencioni – Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 218 Tel. +39 055 697347 Cell. +39 337 685970 Fax. +39 055 6549111 E-mail:

-Four seasons Hotel – Borgo Pinti, 99, 50121 Firenze FI +39 (055) 2626 1


Your Event in Jewish Florence

Adventures in Jewish Italy & Boutique Events offers unique “Bella Vita” travel experiences throughout Italy. We have a rare know-how, as we are Jewish Italians who know this fascinating country and its remarkable, ancient Jewish heritage very well.
Our tours provide in-depth cultural explorations and kosher eno-gastronomic experiences through city and countryside alike, and we also offer stunning villa stays.
For those who desire a unique Italian kosher culinary adventure, we also organize tours with mashghiach and private chef, so to enjoy fresh local cuisine throughout the country.
We design elegant weddings, business meetings and other events with refined Italian style in one of our many exclusive locations.
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Via Felice Fontana, 32-34 A



Special events and shabbat dinners can be arranged under the supervision of the Rabbiand qualified Mashgihim yirei shamayim. They may include Bar or Bat Mitzva events, Marriage anniversaries confirmation or other family special meetings. The requests must be made through the secretary office before ahead. The events can be arranged in the Community space or in other locations in Florence.

Friday dinner:
A traditional Jewish Italian Shabbat dinner or any other request to be coordinated.

Shabbath Ufruf (Call to the Torah): Sabbath morning Kiddush. A traditional shabbat chatan (Ufruf) can be arranged , calling up to 4-5 people to take part in the Shabbat service by living them mitzvot during the service and Torà reading either in the beautiful Jewish community Synagogue. Kiddush at the synagogues yard can be arranged with the local community kosher restaurant.

Thank you again and please do not hesitate to contact our office for any further information you may need.  We send you our best wishes. – Shalom


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