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Balacinema 20 luglio

Anat Gov, one of the most influential playwrights in Israeli theatre, is preparing for her death. She asks Arik Kneller, an artists’ agent, to be the executor of her will. Arik struggles to [...]

Passover 5783

PESACH Eve, 5 April : candle lighting for Mo’ed and Shabbat: 19.28, ‘Arvit:19.30 ,1° Seder 20.45. 1° day, 15 Nissan, 6 April: Shachrit: 9.00, Sefer: 10.00, Tiqqun Hattal and Musaf: 11.00, Minchà: [...]

Pesach Seder

The Jewish Community of Florence will be organizing two communal sedarim for Passover: the seder on the first night will be mainly in English and Hebrew, the seder on the second night will be [...]



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