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PASSOVER The entrance to the service is free, but you can buy a seat for Pesach to make sure to have one. Reserve your seat at the service by clicking here   13 Nissan, Sunday 21 April 2024: [...]

Shabbat Service

To ensure a better service for entry to shabbat services at the Synagogue of Florence, it is necessary to send at least a week beforehand of the intended date, your contact information by filling [...]

Balacinema 20 luglio

Anat Gov, one of the most influential playwrights in Israeli theatre, is preparing for her death. She asks Arik Kneller, an artists’ agent, to be the executor of her will. Arik struggles to [...]

Passover 5783

PESACH Eve, 5 April : candle lighting for Mo’ed and Shabbat: 19.28, ‘Arvit:19.30 ,1° Seder 20.45. 1° day, 15 Nissan, 6 April: Shachrit: 9.00, Sefer: 10.00, Tiqqun Hattal and Musaf: 11.00, Minchà: [...]



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