Effective Friday January 7th, the Coucil of the Jewish Community of Florence has dediced to take the following measures:

In consideration of increasing number of infections, starting Friday December 31st, access to the Community premises and to the Temple for religious services will be open to people wearing FFP2 masks (which must correctly cover the nose and mouth). Surgical masks may no longer be used.

Although we are not requiring the green pass, in order to favor the safe participation at tefillòt for everyone, we kindly invite those who have not completed a full vaccination cycle or those who have not recently recovered from the Covid (as per green pass regulations) to NOT attend services.

As per current regulations, we require at least one meter social distancing from person to person.

All kiddushim are suspended and no food or drinks may be consumed within the premises of the of the Bet ha-keneset before, during or after the tefillà.

Given the current situation, we trust that everyone will have the utmost caution to protect the health of others.

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