Fund for activities and group trips for the young people of the Jewish Community 

How many of us have been as children or as teenagers to camping trips organized by Jewish organizations, experiencing something different from the usual vacation, creating important bonds such as friendships that continue to this day or a love that has blossomed into a family? 

Camping and group trips, shabbaton and more, all the events coordinated by Jewish organizations such as the EUJS at an European level, UGEI at a national level, UCEI, Hashomer Hatzair, Bené Akiva, UGN,(activities for kids under 18) and the Jewish Community of Florence itself have always had the main purpose of creating moments of encounter between boys and girls from different Jewish communities. For young people, especially in smaller communities, being able to meet, sharing experiences with people who live in different realities from ours, is very important and it’s a way to get to know each other, keeping up with the millenary traditions that identify us. 

Camping trips are an experience that everyone should be able to have. We have therefore decided to create a fund to subsidize the expenses of the boys and girls of our Community, so that all families can have this opportunity, allowing anyone to let their children participate in an important holiday from many points of view.  
The Jewish Community is already organizing the next summer camps and there will also be numerous opportunities, even by the national realities that work with the youngest.   

Experiences of this kind, especially for children from a small community, are essential so they can experience Judaism in a new way, sharing moments from playing to studying with many peers, strengthening the sense of belonging to Jewish life and the community, creating friendships all over the world. 


Our goal is to raise € 8000 by March 2024 for the 2024 summer activities, and the social assistance committee of the Jewish Community will be able to distribute the funds according to a series of parameters, which will be notified in the spring so that everyone can apply to it. Also, at the time of the application, we ask the families who are interested to also submit their ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator). 




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