Aron ha Kodesh of Arezzo

The Aron HaKodesh (ארון הקודש) is a present element in all the synagogues and it’s the ark where the sefarim, the Torah scrolls, are held.

The “Aron HaKodesh of Arezzo” is of small dimensions, and it comes from the extinct community of Arezzo, established in 1830, that due to its inability of never exceeding two hundred people, even in its flourishing years, after the Unification of Italy in 1860 they dispersed elsewhere.

Based on the brief story, the Aron belonged before the Jewish Community was established.

At the top of it there is a crown on the Tables of the Law with an openwork plant motif and alongside garlands of leaves, which has not been restored and it’s of very high quality.

The ark has been painted of a dull green cover that covers the original one, and the purpurin overlaps the gold leaves of the coatings. The decoration is not rich, with the acanthus leaves applied only at the corners.

Our goal is to restore the Aron of Arezzo to its original beauty through attentive restoration.
We are working on an estimate for these costs, which will approximately amount to €8,000.
Almost €2,000 has already been raised as a starting point.




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