Emergency Stabilization of the Siena Synagogue, Siena, Italy

Help us reopen the prayer hall of the Siena Synagogue damaged in the recent earthquake.

On February 8th, 2023 an earthquake struck the city of Siena, causing structural damage to the walls that support the vault of the prestigious eighteenth-century Synagogue. The prayer hall was closed to the public for security reasons and a small area in the women’s gallery was set up as a temporary prayer space. 

Supported in part by a grant from the Leon Levy Foundation, as well as contributions from the David Berg Foundation, the Misericordia Israelitica di Siena and the Fondazione Beni Culturali Ebraici in Italia, we are proud to announce that we will begin restoration work in 2024 which will be managed by Opera del Tempio Ebraico di Firenze.
To secure and reopen the Synagogue, stabilization and restoration work is urgently needed. In the first phase of the project the damaged vault urgently needs to be stabilized, followed by the second phase  which involves the replacement of the existing roof to eliminate the dangerous pushing effect on the perimeter walls. The project also includes restoration of the magnificent neoclassical decorations on vault that date back to 1786.
Initially estimated to cost 320,000 euro, during the executive planning phase the preliminary estimate underwent a precautionary increase of 15%,  bringing the overall cost of the project to 368,000 euro.
In addition to the foundations, which made significant contributions to the project, we would also like to thank our local sponsors, Cantina Terra di Seta, and Opera Laboratori, which sponsored the initiative by offering the first 30 donors (for donations above 1500 euro) a voucher to visit Jewish Siena: a complimentary tour and wine tasting of the Terra di Seta winery and a private tour of the Siena Synagogue guided by a member of the Jewish Community.
We sincerely thank everyone who donated and who continues to donate to reopen and restore the Synagogue of Siena.
Just a few feet away from Piazza del Campo, the Synagogue has always been the heart of Jewish life in Siena. This is where the Jewish Community reunites to celebrate the Jewish holidays, welcoming visitors from all over the world who pass through Siena. The Synagogue, with its small museum, also offers a wide range of educational activities aimed at promoting Siena’s Jewish heritage as an integral part of the city’s history.
Help us restore the synagogue to guarantee a future to the Jewish Community and to preserve one of the most important Jewish heritage sites in Italy.








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