The Synagogue and the Jewish Museum in Florence, on the occasion of the exhibition at the Villa Bardini “La luce marina di Moses Levy,” promoted by the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks from October 30, 2014 to February 15, 2015, offers the public a deal to exhibition ticket holders for the entrance to the Jewish Museum at a reduced price.

Jews of Livorno in the eighteenth and nineteenth century moved to Tunis, which is the birthplace of Moses Levy, and the Jewish Community of gorni. The Jewish Museum of Florence will dedicate the months of December and January to the thematic exhibition entitled: “Moses Levy and the families of Gorni between Tunis and Livorno.”

A journey through ritual objects, photographs, family memories, tell a Jewish story between two shores of the Mediterranean.

The Jewish presence of Italian origin in Tunis deeply fueled the local culture in all  forms, from the kitchen, to literature, to civil commitment. Many Jews from Livorno in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries moved to Tunis creating the community called “Livorno” or, as the term of Arab and Jewish Tunisians, “dei grana” (plural of gorni).

The exhibition will be accompanied by an afternoon of testimonies from Gorni between Tunis and Livorno, which will end with a meal based on recipes from the Jewish tradition of Tunisia.

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