Thursday December 11

Giuseppe Burschtein and Ugo Caffaz
Gan Eden Restaurant
Six thousand years of joys and sorrows in the Jewish tradition
It is a kind of challenge between the “Ashkenazi” Jewish cuisine of Central and Eastern Europe (supported by Burschtein) and the “Sephardic” kitchen of Spanish and Italian Jewish origin (supported by Caffaz).

On stage Burschtein and Caffaz have two kitchens which the audience can also watch on projectors. On another screen, they talk, discuss, comment (with graphics, video and music that tell six thousand years of Jewish history) and have a live cooking “challenge.” They must convince the public about the quality and goodness of their respective traditions. In the end it will be the public tasting and judging the two cuisines.

Teatro Puccini

Via delle Cascine 41 – 50144 Firenze

Tel: 055 362067

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