Eve, 5 April : candle lighting for Mo’ed and Shabbat: 19.28, Arvit:19.30 ,1° Seder 20.45.

1° day, 15 Nissan, 6 April: Shachrit: 9.00, Sefer: 10.00, Tiqqun Hattal and Musaf: 11.00, Minchà: 19.30, ‘Arvit: 20.30, 2° Seder 20.45.

2° day, 16 Nissan, 7 April: Shachrit: 8.30, Sefer: 10.00, Musaf: 10.45, Minchà and Arvit 19.30, lighting candles: 19.30

Eve 7° giorno 20 Nissan, 11 April: Candle lighting: 19.35, Minchà and ‘Arvit: 19.30.

7° day, 21 Nissan, 12 April: Shachrit: 9.00, Sefer: 10.15, Musaf: 11.15, Minchà and ‘Arvit: 19.30, lighting candles: 20.39

8° giorno, 22 Nissan, Saturday 13 April: Shachrit: 9.00, Sefer: 10.15, Musaf: 11.15, Minchà: 19.30, ‘Arvit: 20.30, Motzaé Shabbat and end of Mo‘ed: 20.40.




The Jewish Community of Florence will be organizing two communal sedarim for Passover: the seder on the first night will be mainly in English and Hebrew, the seder on the second night will be mainly in Italian and Hebrew.

Wednesday 5th April


Thursday 6th April


We are delighted to welcome you to our community. To reserve your place, please contact Filippo Tedeschi ( and send the names and ages of all the participants, as well as the dates in which you would like to participate.

Reservations and payment required before March 31st
For payment, for the Seder please use the following link:

We look forward to meeting you in Florence!


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