January 24, 21:00
January 25, 16:30

Orto-Da Theatre Group | (Israel)
presents STONES
on the occasion of Remembrance Day 2015

The Orto-Da was inspired to create this show at the monument sculpted by Nathan Rapoport in 1948 dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust,  located at the entrance to the Warsaw Ghetto. The figures of the monument, top properties, and gradually come to life come to life through the bodies / Statues of the six actors mime covered with clay from head to toe. Step into the 21st century, the characters embark on a journey intimate and poetic in the minds, in the minds and memories of the present and past.
A spectacle human, surprising, touching, sweet and bitter, full of strong images, where rice is courting the ’emotion and this flirting with the past; where the hideous symbols of the Holocaust can give birth to a beautiful ballet night with fluorescent stars of David that cross in the air prior to solidify on the chest of the protagonists.A show rigorous, colorful, sometimes baffling, made ​​to entertain and enchant audiences of all ages.
Discovered by Pupi and Fresedde in Avignon in 2009, for the first time in Italy in Rifredi in 2010, where he was one of the most acclaimed exhibitions of the International Visual Theatre for its originality and visual impact, “Stones” is back this year in Florence on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 and in conjunction with the prestigious hospitality at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.




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