It is customary to study on the night of Shavuot to prepare for receiving the Torah.

Evening of 5 Sivan and Limmud, Shabbat June 8th: Candle light from already lit candle starting at 21.50,  Arvit: 21.45

1st day, 6 Sivan, Sunday June 9th, Shachrit: 8:30, Sefer: 10:00,  Musaf: 11:15, Mincha and Arvit: 19:30.

2nd day, 7 Sivan, Monday June 1oth: Shachrit: 8.30, Sefer: 10.00, Musaf: 10.45, Mincha: 20.45, ‘Arvit: 21.45, end Moèd: 21.50

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