I am Enrico Fink, member of the board of directors, responsible for culture, and I will be in charge of leading the English language seder on the first night of Pesach – I look forward to having you and your family with us!

We are an Orthodox synagogue that follows the Italian Sephardic tradition, you might probably compare us to a “modern Orthodox” American synagogue. All reading and tefillah will be led in Hebrew (or Aramaic where the case), but all storytelling, translation, reflections – and fun – will be in English. We will do our best to have everyone participate and feel at home, whatever their level of “Jewish literacy”; we will introduce our guests to some Italian Jewish traditions and song, but will make space for beloved traditional themes and Passover songs that people will know and maybe expect.

The seder will take place in a community room just outside the shul, accessed from the garden. Services start at 6:15 pm, so the seder is expected to begin at 7:45. Including possible delays I’d say it should be over, including concluding tefillot, by 11 pm.

Hope to see you there!





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